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Useful and recommended sites:
  • is a good article on the factors in SEO.
  •, while a little out of date, is still essential reading for any would be SEO guy or gal.
    This is another good site on SEO.
    How fast does your site load?
    This site will tell you.
    If it takes more than 2 seconds, you will lose customers. "Download time rules the web" says Jakob Nielsen (see Useability). If you have difficulty believing that, see this BBC news item. We have the skills to optimise your site for download speed but also...
  • ...consider how helpful is your design itself. If the user can't find what he wants straight away, your site is history - see this other BBC news item.
  • But again, how fast is your host? Look on webperf and see if they are listed. If they are not, ask yourself: Why not? Could it be that they don't dare put themseves up for public comparison because they know they would be shown up for the rubbish they are? Now consider our hosting.
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