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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • What is a search engine? There are dozens. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the best known ones.
  • If your web site is lost deep in the hundred thousand results that these search engines produce, who is ever going to find it?
  • But if no-one ever sees it, what good is that site doing your business ?
  • Do not despair! Most web sites can be made to perform in the organic results of these search engines. This fine tuning is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Our SEO can hugely improve your site's performance, get your sales message across and bring the business rolling in.
  • We strongly recommend that you at least glance at what Google says about SEO
  • Now something to bear in mind. Many people make the mistake of designing their website and then start thinking about driving traffic to it. This does not work unless you happen to have chanced on a design that is SEO friendly. Together, we have to re-design the homepage and the rest of the site to accommodate the needs of SEO. You may love the original look of your website, but, if it is lost in the 100 million web sites out there, it will be necessary to compromise the design to accommodate the needs of SEO. Sorry but that is so. Bye, bye Beauty, hello Compromise. Yes, but if loads of people get to see Compromise who would never ever have found Beauty, you really are much better off with Compromise as your web site.
  • Why not check out these performances in the organic search results:
    Google search "ceiling cleaning"
    Google search "tensegrity"
  • Do bear in mind that search engine optimization is not an instantaneous process. We are happy to discuss timescales in individual cases. But it takes a while and some searches are vastly more competitive than others but even competitive searches can be conquered eventually by skilled optimizaton.
  • You can, of course, pay for ads like Google Adwords and this may be a sensible strategy in conjunction with SEO but, if there is no SEO happening alongside, bidding for position in the adverts becomes very expensive in the long term.